Dark Grey – 17

Technical Specifications:

Board Dimensions:  4″x 8″.

Thickness from: ¼ to 1 1/8”.

Materials/Substrates: Composite Panels: Particulard board and MDF (MediumDensity Fiberboard)

Common Uses: 

  • Kitchen Cabinets.
  • Office & Residential Furniture.
  • Shelving.  
  • Door Core.
  • Manufactured Home Decking.
  • Office & Residential Furniture.
  • Countertops.

Combine the color with our textures.


  • The final finish of our Melamines look like wood, with which they are made furniture, cabinets, doors and decoration products.
  • Variety and availability of the entire portfolio.


  • A wide range of colors, designs and textures.
  • Our finishes can be applied to any of the Melamines
  • Long duration of the material.
  • Easy to clean and minimal maintenance.
  • Good price – value.


  • Apart from our traditional line of products, we have the ability to manufacture on request more than 150 colors increasing your chances of combining and decorating in each of your environments.


  • Speed ​​of delivery
  • Fast production lines.
  • Reliable product with a variety of colors and combinations of textures.
  • Continuous, personalized and flexible service.

* NOTE: The colors of the melamines on our website depend on the graphic resolution of the computer you are using, a condition that can vary from one brand of equipment to another. The objective of the printed and digital catalogs is that you make an initial choice and then ask for the physical sample of the melamine you prefer. The physical sample of our pocket sample or that of our distributors is the most reliable. If you need one, contact us and we will send it to you.